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Los cuatro temperamentos

The temperament is important both in health and in diagnosti. The position of the houses, the sign and the planet elements on the birth cartography determinates the basic temperament of the individual and generates the conditions for different kinds of sickness.

The 4 basic temperaments are determined by the greatest influence of certain plans at the date of birth.

The corresponding zodiacal signs would be the following:

Fire individuals: Aries, Leo, Sagitario

Air individuals: Geminis, Libra, Acuario

Earth individuals: Tauro, Virgo, Capricornio

Water individuals: Cáncer, Escorpio, Piscis

The 4 main principles:

The 4 elements, Water, Air, Fire and Earth are the esence of the nature force, by which it makes it generation and destruction work. Every one of them is composed of 2 main principles:

The water comes from the cold and moisture, the air from moisture and heat, the fire from heat and dryness and earth from dryness and cold.

Every element is representative of a state of matter: liquid, gas, ignital and solid, and to each is given a set of conditions given for life.

And so we also get the periods of nature, divided by 4: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and in the same way, the 4 parts of the day: from midnight to sunrise, from sunrise to mid-day, from mid-day to evening, and from evening to midnight. Formation, bloom, culmination and decay.

We will make further study of all these matters and how they relate to each other in future articles.


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