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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have some questions for the Tarot

A: Visit the tarot reading page here, where you will find the information to take contact by phone or internet, the prices of the service and how to get an online tarot reading.

Q: How can I arrange my house numbers to get prosperity?

A: For this request a tarot reading with numerology, more information here

Q: I have problems at home and work. What decisions can I take?

A: For these circumstances, I suggest you the 20 questions tarot, where you will be able to go deeper into the proper paths.

Q: I would like to clean my home from bad energies, and bring love and richness.

A: To bring positive energy and prosperity to our lives, I suggest you to try the wonderful effects of the products that I have specially prepared for you for those cases. You can find them here.

For other questions

Please complete this form or call us +(56-2) 638 3887 - +(56-2) 632 7442 or (56-9) 8455 2555.



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