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What the Feng Shui is and what benefits brings us

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique, which postulates that the order in decorating our homes, offices or stores, allows us to prosper in all the aspirations of our lives, money, relationships, health, welfare of our family recognition and professional reputation, and so on.
There are different schools of Feng Shui, but all have a common goal, the welfare of the inhabitants of a house.

Feng Shui using many tools usher us into their world and thus begin to change the spaces of the room, placing special emphasis on the position of the bed in our bedroom, the use of mirror or water sources, the location of each detail we use to decorate our house.

A very practical example of Feng Shui is placing 8 orange fruits on top of the dining room table, that is because the number and color of the fruit represents the money, but in our room would not suffice to place this decoration but also against the table should be placed mirror that reflects proportional size to the members of the family sit down to eat in this room.

We also talk in a very practical how it should be directed our bed, having positions totally prohibited, such as the foot of our bed look to a window, as this position will lead the family to loss or significant ruins.

He explains that for any reason we have mirrors in our bedrooms, because with this the only thing we achieve is suffering more than usual.

It also explains the good and they are for the drinking fountains or aquariums, explaining that these can only be located in the north of our house because it was considered the ideal area for families to thrive by getting through the holder's professional success this, to have financial peace of mind.

Every detail in the decoration of the house tell us how the family will be benefited from good fortune or frequently attacked with difficult problems.

Believe or not Feng Shui is part of our freedom of thought, but ... ... Why not trying putting the 8 oranges, or rather moving the position of your bed or placing a water fountain or a picture of sea in the north ? and I think that by the time Feng Shui is activated, you will want to learn this technique known in China.



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