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Light and shadow in Feng Shui

The chi energy comes into your home directly from the sunlight. The shape of the house may affect this process, because it determines the amount of light it receives during the day. The size, the position and the number of windows are also factors of relevance. If any sector of the house lacks light during most of the day, there is a high tisk that it will grow moisture and there is not the proper flow of chi energy.

If a L shaped housed is oriented into a certain position, a section of it will stay in shadow during most of the day.. If a building has a cut on the north side, the walls won't receive the sun. On the other side, if the cut is facing the sun, the place will become a "sun trap" and will catch large amounts of yang energy, dynamic and positive.

The longest sides of the house receive the most sun, and its orientation determinates the energy that rules the house. If the longest sides are facing east and west, the house will receive mostly the sunrise light, except that it has few windows or is under the shadow of another building. The sunrise will fill your life with energy to start new projects and will contribute to the optimism on the future. The sunset, on the other side, will relax the place of its activity, and when the night comes you will feel more happy and romantic.

The places that face north receive very little light, and often they are dark and cavern-like places, in them, the chi energy is usually stagnant and the moisture is common. The inhabitants of those places can see themselves on loneliness, professional frustration, loss of vitality, depression and bad health.

If your home is facing that direction, explode alternatives to bring chi energy. Place a skylight or open new windows to the south if that is within your possibilities. If not then think about building a hearth, keep candles on (mainly on the northeast), place plants (maybe you will need to use bulbs to make them grow) and keep the rooms clean. It can be also useful to use wood floors, hang mirros and place cristal bells on the west, northeast and north of your house.

The sunlight brings chi energy to your home, so when the sun moves through the sky, it goes through the different windows and lights different places of your home. If you are not receiving the proper amount, the chi energy might become stagnant and go against Feng Shui directions. So be careful on the placement of your house, the number and position of the windows, and if there are large buildings around, the way they block the light and obstruct the chi energy.

When you buy or rent a house, it is important to note the shadows. So a large building placed at the east or west will probably give it shadow because the sun is lower on those directions and generates larger shadows. Make sure that it isn't too high or is located far enough. If the buildings are placed on the south the shadows will be shorter, because the sun is on the highest point of the sky in this direction.

On the north hemisphere, the buildings placed at on the north side of your house won't cause shadows over your house, and in the south hemisphere, the same will happen with the ones in the south.


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