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The zero in the numerology

It isn't very common to hear about the zero in the numerology, but it is present. It is a magic number, because it represents the world and all of its possiblities. That is why it is interesting to learn some more about it.

On the wide road of numerology we can find diferent aspects of the number, this time we will talk about the first number, not the one, but the zero. The number zero, like the others, can give us information about our personality.

On aritmetics we find the zero as an empty number, like a sign of nothingness, but in numerology it doesn't work the same way, and here we find the void joined with everything, and that is why it takes different influences depending on the personality of each people.

When we speak about the void, we face a very complex matter that many take lightly, for many think that emptiness is something easy to comprehend, but it is this concept what encloses all aspects that are beyond "existance", we must keep in mind that we are talking about "existence" when we are in front of something known, but we should be well aware that the human being still has many secrets to be discovered, and it is by instinct that this concept when deeply thought brings us a deep and complex feeling. When we talk about the zero, we are talking about eternity.

When we face void, we can face a filled void, this in theological terms, when we talki about a superior existance that works as an almighty God, or we can face an empty void, as the eternal possibilities of something that hasn't taken its definitive shape yet.

And finally, let's keep in mind the symbol of the zero itself, as a circle, not by coincidence, but as a way of showing a shape without start nor end, something complete, firm and hermetic. What could the zero have for you in the future?


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