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Packs de Productos Productos Feng Shui

Product packs

The following product packs are specially thought for you, to bring the best energies directly to your house.

Cleaning Pack

The best natural herbs for the cleaning of bad energies and the stress of the day to day. Relax to feel easy and happy.


- "Super descarga" Soap
- Cleaning incense
- Bedroom and house cleaning lotion

30 USD


Love Pack

To improve relationships, strenghten bonds and attract love, we bring this pack to everybody.


- Attraction Soap
- Cleaning and attraction lotion
- Sensuality incense

30 USD


Money and Work Pack

To capture the positive energies of richness, recover or keep your job and achieve economical stability, we have this soap and incense.


- Lotion to open the work paths
- Soap to attract jobs and business of Saint Cayetano
- Money and prosperity incense

30 USD


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