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This is the Arcana I and it is also known by some as the alchemist. It is mental above everything else. Observation and information.

The magician brings you to look around and capture information. To look within yourself and find what your own center, giving you a balance of knowledge and feeling to reach your objectives.

It is a middle aged man behind the table that show us his abilities. His message is that everything is created by our mind, and it has a power that can amaze us through our lives. This is a powerful gift that we have to know how to manage.

We must give the proper value to the power of wisdom, and use what we have learn to evolve and benefit ourselves.

We are told that we must use our knowledge without getting clouded by feelings, so we can reach our goals. It is the magician the only one who knows the rules of the game, and we play the game that he wants to play, for it is in his table that all the forces of the universe meet and play. His age shows us that he still has all the possibilities ahead and there is an entire life to make them true. His places is the Arcana I showing his power, and the symbol of unity and energy.

If at any time when you ask the tarot, the magician appears before you. Look around and gather information. Use it wisely and transform your ideas. Go into yourself and get hold of your inner balance. It is time to take decisions. Don't be hurry but don't be late either. You are at the door of great achievements that will be seen on the middle and long term. Don't fear on moving your life toward a better place. No one will do it but yourself.

On your hand are the choices. If it appears in the business context, a golden opportunity will appear, with a high cost for the organization and a high inteligence requirement.
If it appears on a personal context, it is time to put on a balance what is good and bad and make a choice. Use a large amount of diplomacy and make things clear.

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